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Winter Battle Pass, a new Feature in DOTA 2

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Valve introduces us to the Winter Battle Pass in DOTA 2. Basically a bundle with a few new features and the Winter Compendium.

Here are the new features

Quest Lines
Wagering System
Top Notch Treasures
Winter Season map

Choose Your Path

Winter Wagering

Three months trading ban is no more
As you level up your Battle Pass you will receive treasures containing items sets but what’s more important is that Valve decided to lift the three months trade ban for the items gained via Battle Pass treasures. With the levels growing you will also receive a winter season courier, frozen effigies, special in game effects for Euls Scepter, Forcestaff, blink, teleport and fountain healing. Also, Venomancer and Undying received a taunt that you can get via level up.

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