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WESG 2016 Groups B&C Day 2 Highlights

wesg day 2

Dominated yesterday, still dominating today. Yesterday’s top-performing teams in Groups B&C continue their onslaught on Day 2, securing a spot in the playoffs.


Group B – Cloud 9, SG eSports flawless in Day 2, Team Romania surges past Fantastic Five

Cloud 9 may have slipped in one game on Day 1 against their top contender, SG eSports, but both teams played tremendously well in Day 2, cleaning the house and not dropping a beat against their opponents. Team Romania, on the other hand, wins just enough games to survive the Group Stage, while Fantastic Five loses their spot in the playoffs.

SG eSports beat Fantastic Five 2-0

SG and F5 were top two and three when the matches ended yesterday, which meant that both teams were in a spot that they both would want to stay in but are in a very precarious position. Their first game reflected this, with both teams choosing to play rather safely and not too aggressively. 21 minutes into the game, 633’s Storm Spirit completed his Bloodstone and F5 went into the offensive. But SG was able to hold their ground just long enough for hfnk3’s Phantom Assassin to complete his Assault Cuirass, which immediately led to a teamwipe of the enemy team. Riding the momentum, SG pushes in to take Game 1 from F5. Not to be deterred, F5 went into Game 2 with a strong resolution: they went ahead to take kills after kills from SG, with Illidan’s Weaver taking most of the brunt of the work. But again, SG bided their time and allowed their carries to farm, until hfnk3’s Luna was able to complete her Linken’s Sphere and 4dr’s Razor finishing his Sange and Yasha, which allowed SG to annihilate the whole of F5’s lineup late into the game. Razor picking up a Skadi ended F5’s struggle against the Brazilian team.

Team Romania clings on to the top 3 through two ties against X-BET and F5

Romania had the same standing as F5 on Day 1, and now they only have to perform better than the Russian team to be able to reach the playoffs. And so did they- since they tied their matchup against F5 on Day 2 while managing to tie up their matchup against X-BET. Since F5 lost their matchup against SG earlier in Day 2, Team Romania was then able to score higher than them, thus allowing Team Romania to get past F5 in Group B.

Vultur falls to both Cloud 9 and SG

On Day 1, at least Team Vultur was able to snag one win against F5. But for Day 2, just as how everything seemed to be working well for C9 and SG who have not lost a single game on Day 2, Vultur wasn’t able to win a single game. It’s also unfortunate for them to face both C9 and SG on Day 2, which must have put them on a lot of pressure, since C9 and SG have been the two teams competing for the top spot in Group B.

Cloud9 eliminates X-BET

This match-up was pretty one-sided, with X-BET’s lineup barely making a scratch at C9’s team composition on Game 1. Babyknight, Ace and HeStEJoE-RoTTeN all did their magic sending X-BET home. NoiA was the sacrificial initiator, but NoiA’s death as Slardar would always end up being the only kill X-BET would be able to get from a clash. Ace, Babyknight and HeStEJoE-RoTTeN were unstoppable killing and pushing machines, allowing them to secure two sets of barracks before X-BET called GG. Ace went again for Luna on Game 2 while NoiA picked Slardar for the second time in the series, and it proved really effective against the X-BET lineup. They did quick work of the enemy middle lane, and with C9’s more aggressive fervor this time around, they might have lost more heroes in the process, but managed to storm through the middle lane quickly.

Playoff Picture for Group B

bracket wesg

With C9 securing the top spot of Group B, they advance early into the Quarterfinals and are guaranteed at least $10,000 already. They will be facing either Infamous from Group D or Dark Passage from Group C. Romania will be facing the top 2 of Group A Team DileCom, while SG will be facing the top 3 of Group A MVP Revolution. If Romania wins, they would be facing Group C’s top 1, Alliance, while SG would face TnC Pro Team if they beat MVP.

Group C – s1 Lykos loses clutch matchup against Dark Passage

s1 Lykos was set to redeem themselves after a terrible performance on Day 1, and they did act as though they would take home the win all day long. But their matchup against Dark Passage sent the Filipino team home quite prematurely. Meanwhile, Team One Ecuador ends up being the only team throughout the tournament to not have won a single game.

s1 Lykos – Strong start, weak finish

Day 1 started in the favor of s1 Lykos with their domination of Team One and Aboshamalah, but fell against the Turkish DP on their winner-takes-it-all series. Perrie and PauL both showed their prowess in their matches against Team One and AS, often switching up their roles of midlaner and safelane carry. If the trend just continued on and not considering the previous day’s losses, we wouldn’t even be surprised if s1 Lykos was able to secure the top spot eventually. That’s just how good s1 Lykos was in those two matchups. But on the series that would settle the score between them and DP, they lost. They were pretty much outmatched by DP. The first game specifically already decided the match-up that even if s1 Lykos managed to beat DP in Game 2 to force a tie, DP would have still emerged as Group C’s top 3.

Alliance, DUOBAO Young, almost at par with each other

Alliance and DUOBAO Young would both have perfect records for the whole Group Stages had it not been unfortunately required for them to go head-to-head. Both teams easily dominated their competition on Day 2 that it would have been surprising if the two won’t reach so far in the Playoffs. The amount of skill and coordination that these two teams have shown so far has proven that they aren’t just lucky with their Group, they really are good. But then again, they still had to go face-to-face. And despite that, the competition was close. [A] and DB.Y both took one game off each other, but [A]’s victory over DB.Y was swifter, so the top 1 spot was awarded to the Alliance.

Playoff Picture for Group C

bracket wesg

With [A] emerging on top, they will start the tournament straight from the quarterfinals. They’d be facing either Team Romania or Team DileCom. DB.Y will be facing against MAX.Y from Group D, with waiting for the victor between that match-up. Finally, DP will be facing Infamous from Group D, and will then be facing Group B’s C9 if they manage to win against them.

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