TNC Qualifies for APAC Finals in WESG 2017


The Road to World Domination starts again.

TNC Pro Team takes the first step in once again winning the world olympics of esports. To be able to defend their title, TNC will first have to qualify through the Asia Pacific Finals. Winning the Philippine Qualifiers alongside HappyFeet ensures that the two teams will be the Philippine representatives to the APAC Finals.

Joining them in the APAC Finals will be eighteen other teams from regional and national qualifiers from other countries in the Asia Pacific region. Included in these eighteen teams are two of the runner-ups from the Chinese Qualifiers- Keen Gaming and Rock.y. The APAC Finals will be held from January 11 to January 14 in Jiaiozhu, China. This will happen a day before the start of the first Valve Major of 2018, Galaxy Battles II, in which TNC Pro Team has been directly invited.

Meanwhile, the Main Event of the World Electronic Sports Games 2017 will be held later on next year, the exact date still unannounced. The Main Stage of the tournament will be featuring a total of 32 teams. 12 teams will be coming from the Europe Qualifiers, 7 teams from the Americas Qualifiers and 12 teams from the APAC Qualifiers. The 32nd spot has already been claimed by EHOME for winning the Chinese Qualifiers.

The pressure to perform spectacularly well is high for both TNC and HappyFeet as they represent the defending champion country. TNC’s aim is to achieve gold again, for the second time in the row, while HappyFeet will be aiming to the Philippines’ hold on the championship title. Competition is tight, with other big names such as Team Sweden, Team Russia and Team Ukraine being composed of members of Alliance, Natus Vincere and, as well as the Chinese teams mentioned above.

A total of $1,500,000 (~Php75,000,000) will once again be at stake, with $800,000 (~Php40,000,000) going straight to the winners of the competition.

Last year’s edition of WESG was won by TNC Pro Team, skyrocketing the team’s global prominence, and exposing their name to local mainstream media. Winning the WESG 2017 Grand Finals would cement further add to the legend of the team, proving that their skill and talent can go toe-to-toe with the best the world could offer.

Since the Olympic Tournament requires teams with players coming exclusively from the same country, 1437 will be replaced by Armel of Clutch Gamers for the duration of the tournament. As Armel will be playing solo middle, Kuku has been assigned to the hard support role. With the absence of 1437, TNC played a notably more aggressive playstyle in their qualifier match against Entity Gaming. The team seems to be gluing well together, showing a very strong for gank and clash-heavy plays. TNC’s lineup last year had the four of the same players last year, with the exception of Armel, whose place was taken up by ryOyr in the position 5 role.

Aside from Dota 2, the AliSports-organized event will also feature tournaments from CS:GO, Hearthstone and Starcraft II.

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