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TNC Pro Team Finds Success Outside Dota Pro Circuit


TNC Pro Team defeats three other teams in Shenzhen, China, taking home ¥ 1,000,000 (~Php7,680,000).

Even with the Dota2 Pro Circuit being introduced, there are still tournaments here and there that are not part of it. Most of these tournaments have smaller prize pools than usual, and are mostly catered towards amateur teams, like the Nvidia GEXT and the ROG Masters. There are also tournaments like Moonduck’s Midas Mode that mixes competition with fun by introducing new game mechanics to the standard Dota2 game. Most tournaments that do not get the accreditation of Valve to be one of the Majors and Minors of the circuit usually don’t have large enough prize pools, or the number of teams participating in the tournament aren’t many and representative enough.

The recently concluded China Top 2017 was also not part of the Dota2 Pro Circuit. However, unlike the previously mentioned tournaments, it was neither a for-fun-and-giggles only tournament nor was it a tournament for amateur teams. It had in it four international pro dota teams, including TNC Pro Team. Its prize pool is even comparable to other Minors, although the tournament did not award Pro Circuit Points to the winners.

TNC Pro Team defeated Invictus Gaming and Team VG.J on their way towards claiming the top spot in the tournament. The last team in the event, Digital Chaos, didn’t have any matches against TNC, as they were eliminated early on by the two Chinese teams.

TNC went through the double elimination playoffs and successfully defeated VG.J in two consecutive series, the semi-finals and the grand finals. In both series, TNC managed to retaliate from a loss, reverse-sweeping VG.J. TNC brought home the all-or-nothing prize of ¥1,000,000.

The China Top 2017 event also held a tournament for CS:GO, Hearthstone and Garena’s new mobile game MOBA, Arena of Valor.

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