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TNC Pro Team bound for Macau this December

mdl macau

TNC Pro Team clinches a spot for their first LAN outing for the season, defeating Mineski 2-1 in the Finals of the SEA Qualifiers.

The cold streak of TNC Pro Team has finally been broken, with the team heading out for their first Minor of the season, and a chance to get some Pro Circuit Points of their own. The team’s perseverance finally paid off, as they went on to beat three of the best SEA teams for their spot in the Minor.

A total of eight teams fought over the coveted spot over the past few days, including two teams coming from the Open Qualifiers. These two teams were the Indonesian team The Prime NND and the stack built by KYxY and YamateH in Malaysia, New Beginning. The rest of the other teams were directly invited to compete for the Qualifiers, namely: TNC, Mineski, HappyFeet, WG.Unity, Execration and Fnatic.

TNC was able to proceed through the playoffs unscathed until the Finals. In the first round, TNC avenged their loss in the ASUS ROG Masters against WG.Unity, sweeping them in two decisive matches. In both of those games, Raven shone as he carried the team to victory. In a rare instance of Raven going the mid-lane, his Chaos Knight was joined by 1437’s Io to control the farm of Feero’s Mirana. We also saw SamH make use of an offlane Omniknight, and Kuku going the solo-safelane route with his Terrorblade.

Meanwhile, Fnatic’s new lineup with Abed was put to the test, and they were effective in controlling The Prime NND, sweeping them in the first round of the Playoffs. But Fnatic fell against TNC, with their first match against TNC being a blow-out. Their second match saw a battle of signature heroes. TNC had Kuku’s Huskar, 1437’s Oracle and Tims’ Earth Spirit and Raven’s Lycan, while Fnatic came in with DJ’s Disruptor and Abed’s world-famous Meepo. Despite Abed’s Meepo winning the safelane, Fnatic wasn’t able to close the game early as planned, and TNC was able to stop Fnatic from snowballing, finally turning the tides in the late game and beating Fnatic in a methodical fashion.

TNC and Mineski’s Finals bout went on for three games. Mineski took Game 1 from TNC, making it seem inevitable that Mineski will win another LAN spot for their selves. But TNC made a surprising reverse-sweep, ending with an hour-long Game 3. The third match really went well for TNC for most of the match, but it wasn’t until past the 40-minute mark were they able to start closing off the game.

300 Pro Circuit Points will be fought over from December 8-10 in MDL Macau, along with a total of $300,000 (~Php15,000,000) prize pool.

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