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TNC Pro Team are the All-Star Weekend Manila 2017 Grand Champions


They take the Grand Finals 2:1 over Invictus Gaming.Vitality

After a slew of entertainment acts and the All-Star match between the casters, and pros, the Grand Finals between TNC Pro Team and Invictus Gaming.Vitality finally went underway. Both teams opened the first match with their usual opening bans – TNC with Lich and Nyx Assassin, IG.V with Enchantress and Night Stalker. TNC drafted Rubick and Earthshaker as their support duo, followed by Puck for the mid-lane and Phantom Assassin for the safe lane, picking up Omniknight for Samson “Sam_H” Hidalgo on the offlane. IG.V meanwhile went with an Earth Spirit and Keeper of the Light support duo, followed by Queen of Pain, Necrophos, and Legion Commander.

The early game went slightly in TNC’s favor, especially for Sam_H’s offlane Omniknight who was able to amass farm very quickly and allowed him to build his support items early on. Though multiple ganks set-up by Gao “dogf1ghts” Tianpeng’s Earth Spirit, in tandem with Sun “srf” Runfa’s Legion Commander did end up successful, as the game drew on Marc Polo Luis “Raven” Fausto’s Phantom Assassin eventually reached critical mass and eventually dealt enough damage for TNC to seal team fights, netting them game 1.

The second game saw IG.V change things up by first-phase picking Clockwerk and Puck, taking Keeper of the Light once again, and rounding out their draft with Sven and Outworld Devourer. Meanwhile TNC went for the same opening Earthshaker and Rubick picks, but this time drafted the Io for Timothy “Tims” Randrup, followed by Ember Spirit for Raven and a mid-lane Monkey King for Kuku.

The game was rough for TNC, with Raven being heavily ganked and focused much of the time, depleting his farm and delaying his items by quite a bit. The lack of a dedicated Io-tether partner also decreased the wisp’s effectivity, and while Sam_H’s offlane Earthshaker did pull off some clutch saves and team fight winning Echoslams, the fast Aghanim’s Scepter on Su “super” Peng’s Keeper of the Light ensured constant sustain coupled with a highly-farmed Sven for the push, eventually dropping all of TNC’s towers and securing them the game.

The third and final match this time saw TNC change things up by a lot – while still taking the first-phase Earthshaker, this time they drafted Silencer, Visage, Magnus and Phantom Assassin. IG.V responded with a similar draft to Game 1 – Puck, Keeper of the Light, Earth Spirit, and Legion Commander, but this time going with a Venomancer.

Despite struggling in the early-to-mid game, with the offlane Visage struggling heavily, the team fight wombo-combo from Earthshaker and Magnus allowed TNC to stay in the game and slowly mount a comeback while ensuring that Raven is able to farm up to reach critical mass, and while the game stayed on the edge with neither team able to mount a decisive win for a long period of time, eventually TNC was able to capitalize on an IG.V positioning error, allowing for a quick blink-skewer to take the Venomancer down from the high-ground to pick him off, eventually mounting TNC’s siege of IG.V’s base, giving them the championship.

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