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TNC Pro FPS Team Qualifies for Crossfire Global Invitation 2017 in China


After winning Php70,000 (~$1,400) and being the runner-up winners of the Crossfire Elite League (CFEL) 2017 Season 1 Finals, our Crossfire team will be heading to Shanghai, China for the Crossfire Global Invitation (CFGI) 2017.


Our FPS team is on a roll, coming off their strong performance in the previous year’s Crossfire events. The team was able to garner enough points to qualify for the CFEL 2017 Season 1 Finals, where the two highest performing teams will be sent to the CFGI 2017 in Shanghai. Meanwhile, the top performing team will be sent to Taicang, China for the Crossfire Pro League (CPL).

The team struggled at the start of the tournament, as they still were trying to fix their chemistry as a new team. Despite their poor start, finishing 3rd in the group stages behind Reborn Gaming and Pacific Macta, TNC Pro Team managed to beat both Acceptance Cebu and Reborn Gaming to face Pacific Macta in the Grand Finals. They fall to Pacific Macta to finish second place in the CFEL 2017 Season 1 Finals, which was held last Saturday, June 3 at the High Grounds Café.

Here are the members of TNC Pro FPS Team heading to China sometime this year:

Captain Markcris “XM4C” Mirote

Attacker Remegio “XEVEN” Manuel II

Attacker Mark “XKRAM” Chan

Support Dennis “XDARK” Omadto

Support John “XBATMAN” Medalla

Despite the relative inexperience of the team, the team’s manager, Eugene Balot, is confident that the team has what it takes to perform well in the international scene. “All I can see is that we have lots of room for improvement,” says Balot. “Hard work, discipline, trust the system, trust each other, and believe that He above is helping us push further, one step at a time. Kaya yan!”

Balot, who considers himself an apprentice of TNC Pro Dota Team’s Manager Paolo Sy, draws inspiration from the success of TNC over OG in The International 6, citing it as proof that Filipinos can actually compete in the global arena, despite the reservations of our very own countrymen, and of even the players themselves. “A lot of pinoy players ay walang tiwala sa sarili nila, so may mali sa lumang sistema, inonti onting tahiin ng TNC yun,” he said. “Tapos para sakin, follow mo nalang yung tamang daan tapos iapply mo yung mga applicable, diba?”

The Crossfire Elite League 2017 Season 2 Finals meanwhile will be on September 9 in the High Grounds Café with yet again another Php350,000 (~$7,000) prize pool, with Php150,000 (~$3,000) going to the Grand Champions.

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