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TNC Cup Special Force Online kicks off this month!


In partnership with Playpark Philippines,TNC Esports will be holding its TNC Cup Special Force Online tournament!


A total of Php 80,000 worth of prizes will be given away to the participants of the Special Force Philippine Championship Qualifiers. Players all over the country are free to join the tournament in one of the twenty locations of the qualifiers nationwide.

Each qualifier tournament will have a Php10,000 prize pool, with the champions of the tournament receiving Php7,500 and Php2,500 for the runner-up.

Players interested to join do not have to pay for an entrance fee to join the tournament, they only have to pay for the PC rental for the duration of the tournament.

The qualifier tournament will be in a single bracket Bo3 eliminations format, with Bo5 finals.




Eight TnC Branches will be divided into two areas participating in the TNC Cup Special Force Online tournament, with the eight qualifiers occurring in these branches eventually producing two champions that will later on compete for the SFPC Semi-Finals on June. The eight participating branches are:

Area 1

  • TnC Olongapo
  • TnC Tarlac
  • TnC Lipa

Area 2

  • TnC Caloocan UE
  • TnC P. Noval
  • TnC Bacolod
  • TnC Tacloban

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