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The Manila Masters Primer

manila masters

The month of May ends with a bang in no other place than Manila.

If you’re not yet excited for the Manila Masters, then you probably don’t know yet what’s in store for you in this prestigious tournament. From May 26 to 28, top tier teams from all around the world will be vying for the lion’s share of the $250,000 prize pool. Being part of the road to the International, however, means that they are competing more than just the cash prize – the results of this tournament could even land the winning team a spot in Valve’s annual tournament.

So without further ado, here are the teams that will be joining us in a few weeks’ time:

Direct Invites

Evil Geniuses

  • Arteezy
  • SumaiL
  • UNiVeRsE
  • zai
  • Cr1t-


  • N0tail
  • ana
  • s4
  • JerAx
  • Fly


  • uuu9
  • Sccc
  • kpii
  • Faith
  • Kaka

Team Secret

  • MP
  • MidOne
  • Khezu
  • YapzOr
  • Puppey

Team NP

  • EternalEnvy
  • FATA-
  • MSS
  • Aui_2000
  • pieliedie

Qualified Teams

Invictus Gaming (China Qualifiers)

  • BurNIng
  • Op
  • Xxs
  • BoBoKa
  • Q

Team Faceless (SEA Qualifiers)

  • Black^
  • Jabz
  • Iceiceice
  • xy-
  • NutZ

Clutch Gamers (Philippine Qualifiers)

  • Armel
  • Gabbi
  • Rapy
  • Boombacs
  • flysolo

Jorien “Sheever” van der Heijden will be hosting the event from the panelists’ desk, while our very own Eri Neeman will be acting as stage host. Among the panelists and casters for the event are GrandGrant, Merlini, LD, Godz, ODPixel, TrentPax, Luminous and KBBQ. PimpmuckL and Noxville will be gracing our analysts’ desk, while Allyza Taylor will be going around doing the interviews. And of course, no event would be complete without the wacky special content of SirActionSlacks.

Manila Masters tickets are still available from their website.

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