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The International 2017 Announced


Details on Dota 2’s most prestigious event of the year.

Recent announcements from Valve shed some light into the most anticipated Dota 2 event of the year – The International 7 will once again be held in August, and in the perennial venue of Key Arena in Seattle, Washington, which has been the home of The International since TI4.

The event is set for six days, from August 7-12, 2016. Open Qualifiers are scheduled for June 22-25, and the Regional Qualifiers are set for June 26-29. Exact details for the Qualifiers are yet to be released.

Tickets will be sold on Ticketmaster, and details are as follows:

  • Midweek Tickets, available for $100; Allows access for the first four days of the event from August 7-10
  • Finals Tickets, available for $200; Allows access for the last two days of the event from August 11-12

Ticketing Schedule:

  • Seattle: April 4th at 10AM and 10PM
  • Rio de Janeiro: April 4th at 2PM and April 5th at 2AM
  • London: April 4th at 6PM and April 5th at 6AM
  • Berlin: April 4th at 7PM and April 5th at 7AM
  • Moscow: April 4th at 8PM and April 5th at 8AM
  • Beijing: April 5th at 1AM and 1PM
  • Singapore: April 5th at 1AM and 1PM
  • Seoul: April 5th at 2AM and 2PM
  • Sydney: April 5th at 3AM and 3PM

As in recent years, a free outdoor viewing area will also be available, as well as streams on Twitch and YouTube.

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