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The Dire debuts in King’s Cup: America


The stack of ppd have debuted under the name The Dire on the Qualifying Tournament in the Americas for Beyond The Summit’s first Minor Tournament of the season.

With a rather confusing team name that could have only spawned from jovial trolling, ppd’s team along with CC&C, zai, Pajkatt and MiSeRy made its debut. They have been directly invited alongside seven other teams for the King’s Cup: America, which serves as the Americas Qualifier for Beyond The Summit’s first Minor. The grand victors of this online tournament will receive a direct invite in the said Qualifier.

King’s Cup: America also features the returning roster of Team Phoenix. The Korean Overlords are back to bring their super aggressive and flashy gameplay into the competitive Dota scene. Complexity Gaming is also competing in the tournament, retaining their old roster from the previous season. The team is GG, now playing under the banner of Vici Gaming as VGJ.Storm is also participating, and is currently leading the scoreboard having lost only a single game out of eight. A reworked Infamous team is also there, and have even taken a series away from The Dire.

The sister teams of Digital Chaos and DC.SA are also in the tournament, serving also as the debut of DC.SA. Completing the eight teams of the tournament is Team Leviathan.

Currently on the top 4 of the tournament and have the highest chances of proceeding to the Single Elimination Playoffs are VGJ.Storm, coL, Infamous and Team Phoenix. You can watch the streams here.

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