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Team Liquid are your StarLadder Invitational 4 Champions


Team Liquid strengthens their hold on the second highest spot on the leaderboards with their win in Shanghai.

Team Liquid was almost unopposed for the whole tournament. It wasn’t so surprising that they’d ravage through the playoffs, what with the momentum flowing behind their backs. They finished first in their group, going 2-0 against Infamous and LGD Gaming.

In the playoffs, they faced first the second placer in the opposing group, Mineski. Team Liquid made short work of Mineski, and were able to take fights favorable to them and deny Mineski of farm and experience from the get-go.

In the finals, they again met LGD. Their first battle was ferocious, although the whole game saw Liquid leading. LGD was able to make a comeback three-fourths through the game, but Liquid was able to hold their ground, and finally reversing the tables to once again claim victory. This was responded to by LGD with a quick, clean win on their second game, the fastest match in the whole tournament, which lasted for only 18 minutes. Pivotal in that win was a Beastmaster on the side of LGD, which allowed the team to push quickly. Liquid made sure that LGD won’t have the same advantage again by picking Beastmaster for themselves on the third game. A fantastic performance by gh in both the third and fourth games secured Liquid the victory.

With their win, Liquid continues to dominate the leaderboards, second only to Team Secret.

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