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Team Empire bags home ROG Masters 2017


Gambit Esports meanwhile wins the CS:GO tournament of ROG Masters.

In between the Valve-sponsored Majors and Minors and the gimmicky tournaments of MoonDuckTV, there still are tournaments that offer both prestige and high prizes despite not meriting its winners Qualifying Points for the Pro Dota2 Circuit.

One of the biggest among these events, even arguably the most prestigious, is the ROG Masters. Presented by ASUS Republic of Gamers, this year’s tournament once again gave the chance for amateur teams to rise to the occasion and have a chance to play against their inspirations in the games that they both love to compete in.

Sporting a total of $235,000 (~Php 11,750,000) worth of prizes each in both the Dota2 and CS:GO tournaments, adding up to the total grand prize of $470,000 (~Php 23,500,000) overall, every team that joined the qualifiers of ROG Masters had the potential to claim victory and win it all.

However, no such team emerged victorious this season, with both the Dota2 and CS:GO fields featuring professional teams that have won through the qualifiers of both games.

Ultimately, Team Empire claimed victory in Dota2, defeating OpTic Gaming in the Grand Finals. Execration, meanwhile, fell against PENTA Esports in the first round of the playoffs, eliminating them. They take home $8,000 (~Php 400,000).

On the realm of CS:GO, it was Gambit Esports that took home the bacon, after outgunning TyLoo in the Grand Finals.

During the APAC Regional Finals which was held at the SMX Convention Center back in October, the executives of ASUS assured fans that the ROG Masters will be coming back for more in the future, giving more opportunities for amateur teams to showcase their talent and go up against the superstars of Dota2 and CS:GO. However, whether or not these tournaments will eventually feature qualifying points as well is still unclear.

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