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TaskUs Titans enter the fray


A new team playing under the banner of Tier One Entertainment was formed by the Tech BPO company TaskUs, with Ryo “ryoyr” Hasegawa taking the mantle of leader.

In the past couple of months, TaskUs Titans have been on the hunt for the players skillful enough to become the very first members of its esports roster. Through social media, TaskUs has been aggressively looking for candidates that will fill in their ranks. Then, just last week, the team’s full roster has been revealed.

The candidates were screened and specifically hand-picked by the team’s coach, Filipino veteran Mark “Cast” Pilar. Cast boasts a storied career in esports, having previously played with Rave, Mineski and most recently TNC Pro Team.

The team will be led by former TNC Pro Team support Ryo “ryoyr” Hasegawa. ryoyr’s leadership will be useful for the team’s growth and direction. His experience with TNC culminated with their success in the World Electronic Sports Games 2016 earlier this year.

TaskUs Titans will be composed of:


  1. Froilan “Sip” Bonifacio
  2. Karl Matthew “Santino” Jaime
  3. Ryo “ryoyr” Hasegawa
  4. Abeng “Abeng” Dicdican
  5. Carlo “BDZ” Manalo


Local teams usually have the raw talent and dedication to esports to succeed, lacking only the resources to break through the competition. TaskUs aims to provide the resources required provide a sustainable environment for the players to grow in and perform in their best capabilities. Along with TaskUs, TNC and Tier One Entertainment will also be helping the team grow and gain recognition in the esports team.

Interested in this upcoming team? You could watch them through their streams here.

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