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SK Gaming takes home the cs_summit


The Brazilians end their lackluster performance streak with a win in the Summit house.


The Summit tournaments are a class all their own in esports – here branching out for the first time into CS:GO, offering the things Dota 2 fans have come to expect from these tournaments: the chill atmosphere, LAN-party vibes, and a lot of chances to get to know more about the pros (they even cast games sometimes!). The cs_summit trades roaring crowds for teams chilling out and just playing CS:GO. You just need to see their introduction videos to understand the atmosphere from this tournament: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXmfo2w8kqw

However, that atmosphere doesn’t mean the players have toned down the competition – arguably the teams present aren’t all from the top tier there was plenty of exciting CS:GO action nonetheless.

Different from usual CS:GO fare, the cs_summit also featured a different format – forgoing a group stage for a best-of-three double-elimination bracket. The eventual winner, SK Gaming came into the grand finals with a strong showing from the upper bracket. They 2:0’d Team EnVyUs (16:9 on Cache, 16:3 on Mirage) and then win vs. Cloud 9 with a 2:1 score (16:14 on Inferno, 9:16 on Train, 16:8 on Mirage) in the winner’s bracket finals they brought down their eventual grand final rival, Gambit Esports into the lower bracket with a dominant 2:0 (16:4 on Cobblestone, 16:7 on Cache).

Gambit’s run was also quite impressive – they started off strong with a 2:0 over GODSENT (19:15 on Cache, 16:5 on Cobblestone) and another 2:0 versus Team Liquid (16:1 on Train, 19:17 on Nuke). SK defeated them in the winner’s bracket finals, but they took down OpTic Gaming 2:1 in the lower bracket (16:10 on Inferno, 9:16 on Mirage, 16:6 on Cobblestone) to come into the Grand Finals and face SK Gaming again.

The Grand Finals was a best-of-five, with a Default game awarded to SK Gaming for coming in through the upper bracket – they take home the champion ship with a 3:1 score after dropping the first map, Inferno, 10:16 to Gambit, but came back strong in Cache (16:2) and Train (16:13) to take home the grand prize of $63,750 and the first ever CS:GO event hosted by Beyond The Summit.

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