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September Shuffle: Fnatic, Clutch Gamers unveil their new rosters


The two SEA teams have revealed who will be playing under their banners for the next season of Dota2.

Two of the most popular SEA teams in the previous season have revealed their new rosters this week going into the new season of Dota2. Both teams have shuffled three of their members in hopes of improving their performance this upcoming season.

First off, we saw Clutch Gamers reveal their new team with a livestream on their Facebook page, revealing that Bokerino and Jeyo have joined the team. A new face in the form of Mac have been revealed, joining the team as their new carry. Bokerino joined CG from Entity Gaming while Jeyo joined coming from HappyFeet. Jeyo will be taking over the captainship of the team from FlySolo, who left the team to join Warriors Gaming.Unity earlier this week. Meanwhile, Gabbi returned to his old team Execration when he left CG. Rapy currently is teamless as of press time.

Then we also saw Fnatic’s new roster from an official post in their website. Building around the duo of DJ and Ohaiyo, the two veterans of Fnatic, the team lets go of Febby, QO and Ahjit. The three former members of Fnatic currently don’t have new teams yet, but there have been rumors in the rumor mills that the former members of TI6 MVP Phoenix will resurface under a new organization. Replacing them in Fnatic are world superstars pieliedie, Xcalibur and EternalEnvy. XCalibur was famous as a pub star in Europe for his solo mid plays and brief stints in different organizations, once subbing in for OG and most recently joining teams Horde and Crescendo. Envy and pld comes in from their very brief stint with Cloud9, who at that time picked them up from their former team NP. With the disband of C9 due to their failure to capture the seventh Aegis, pld and Envy became free agents that could have ended up with any team. And now, they’re part of team Fnatic.

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