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September Shuffle: DeMoN’s new team


Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho moves to Europe to start this season with his new team, Tuho.

Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho is one of the most prolific players who has been in the Dota2 scene Day One, but is more mercenary-like rather than being a franchise player. His latest team would be in the form of an up-and-coming European team, Tuho.

Team Tuho was formed to participate in the Open Qualifiers of TI7, but were unable to get themselves onto the Grand Stage. With the intention of joining the ROG Masters 2017 tournament, which is slated to be one of the Majors for the year, the team reformed with only founding members qojqva and asuna. They recruited into their team garter, miCKe and iNsania, and successfully entered the ROG Masters EMEA Regionals by succeeding in the Open Qualifiers.

Thus, Tuho’s current roster stands as:

  1. Ylli “garter” Ramadani
  2. Micke “miCKe” Nguyen
  3. Max “qojqva” Broecker
  4. Aydin “iNsania” Sarkohi
  5. Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho

We all remember DeMoN as one-fifth of the TNC Pro Team squad that eliminated OG in their legendary upset in TI6, but ever since DeMoN had left TNC he hasn’t stayed for far too long with any team. His longest stint post-TNC had been with Team Onyx, until he was released when the team transitioned into becoming the new Digital Chaos roster. After that, he stayed and played for compLexity Gaming for three months, spending his TI7 season with them, up until recently when he left coL for other opportunities. We all do hope that DeMoN find great success in his new team, Tuho.

Author: Neutral

Neutral has been playing video games since he was a little kid. He started being competitive when he and his brother would bet favors for each other depending on who wins at the PS2 game Naruto Shippuuden. Recently he has been playing Dota2 and Animal Crossing on his revived 3DS. It is his dream to be part of the formation of the eSports version of UAAP through UP Gaming Guild’s Impetus Intercollegiate Dota2 League.

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