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Roster leaves ROX Tigers as contracts expire this month


Despite having a good run in the previous season in League of Legends, Smeb, KurO, PraY, and GorillA all leave ROX Tigers leaving only Peanut and substitute Cry behind.

ROX Tigers might have a completely new roster this coming season since everyone except Peanut and Cry already announced their departure from the South Korean team over the weekend. The news came in as the players’ contracts with ROX came to an end, with Peanut and Cry still open to negotiations with the team as of the moment. Despite their willingness to renegotiate, both of Peanut’s and Cry’s contracts with ROX will expire by Wednesday, so the future of ROX is still uncertain right now.

Spectacular 2 Years of ROX Tigers

The announcement of ROX Tigers came in right after the team won first place in the 2016 LoL KeSPA Cup, going 3:1 against Kongdoo Monster. They also secured the top seed in the Korean Region going into Worlds last time. Even though they failed to beat their regional rivals SK Telecom T1 in the Worlds semifinals, they still proved to be one of the best teams not only in Korea but in the world when they reached the Finals last year, coming in second place right after SKT.

Obviously, ROX Tigers was a great team, and no one can deny that. But as they all say, there are always greener pastures. The players of ROX Tigers believe that despite their strong performance, there is still room for improvement. As they part ways, they now face uncertainty on their futures as professional players, as they all left ROX Tigers with no plans yet on which team to go to. Despite all that, the future is looking bright for Smeb, KurO, PraY and GorillA who left ROX Tigers, as there would surely be teams who would want to take them in into their own rosters.

The Korean Shuffle

Smeb, KurO, PraY and GorillA have all been with ROX since the team’s first formation back in 2014. But as we all know in the eSports community, players rarely stay in a single team for a long time. Players are always eager to grow and hone their skills more, and they are always hungry for the win. Despite performing really well, it is still unacceptable to players if they are not on the top.

In the outset of LoL’s seventh season, a lot of players are now looking for new teams to take them in. It is not only the four players of ROX who are now free agents up for grabs for any team who’d want them to be part of their association. As of now, ikssu (Toplaner), Reignover, DanDy, Spirit, Lira, Mightybear (Jungler), PawN, GBM, dade (Midlaner), Arrow, Deft, Piglet, Ohq (ADC), Hachani, Key, and Mata (Support) are free agents.

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