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PG.Barracx completes Galaxy Battles II lineup

Galaxy Battles II

The eight teams competing in this weekend’s tournament are now lock and loaded.

A few days before the start of the Galaxy Battles II Main Event, the last team to join the fray has been decided. PG.Barracx of Indonesia will be the Wild Cards Qualifier participant for Emerging Worlds, after defeating Skyville of the Philippines, 2:1.

BrX and Skyville were the two of the four teams that qualified for the Wild Cards, along with CIS and Europe Qualifiers runners-up Team Empire and Team Kinguin. However, as Team Empire and Team Kinguin backed out of the tournament, the two were left alone in the Wild Cards Qualifier.

The two teams earned their spots in the Qualifiers for their performance in the New Blood Championships 2017. Previously, Skyville bagged the $10,000 first prize after defeating BrX 3:0.

But then the tables would turn as BrX learned how to beat Skyville. The beginning of the 3 game series went in favor of Skyville, with Skyville dominating BrX. It would have seemed that Skyville was well on their way to representing the Philippines in Galaxy Battles alongside TNC Pro Team, but BrX struck back. BrX took the next game well beyond an hour long, slowly but surely taking the reins away from Skyville. Skyville regrouped and led the game until the midgame of their last match, but BrX was able to redo what they did in the previous game, burying Skyville in the sands.

Had Galaxy Battles II retained its Major status, this would have been BrX’s first event under the DPC. Nevertheless, one of the winning teams in the NBC has been given a chance to fight against the best in the world in a competitive environment. The New Blood Championships was designed to give lesser known teams this exact opportunity to showcase their talents to the world. BrX will be facing off against Evil Geniuses off the bat. Be sure to catch it live this weekend.

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