Perfect World Masters group stage: A mixed bag going into the playoffs


The results of the two groups have been a mix of the surprising and the expected.

It is not hard to imagine Vici Gaming taking away the top spot of their own group against LGD.Forever Young, Vega Squadron,compLexity Gaming and SG e-sports. But the same could not be easily said with Team Kinguin, who surprisingly rose to the top of their own group, even going 2-0 against Team Secret and tying their series against Newbee, Mineski and LGD Gaming.

The Polish squad has began to build up steam after their recent victories, and their performance so far in their first ever LAN Minor has been promising. Being a relatively new team, Kinguin’s in-game strategies and tactics may have surprised their opponents in their group. One particular instance of this was their first match against Team Secret, where they had picked four traditionally support heroes and a Medusa. Their strategy of taking down towers early by aggressively pushing down the lanes with the early game strength of the support heroes may have been cheesy, but it was effective in making a lot of space for the Medusa.

In the same group, Team Secret have been able to hold up despite playing with a substitute mid player. Cty have been brought in to play for Team Secret during this tournament to replace MidOne, who had gone home to Malaysia to spend time with his family, after the passing of his father. They were able to sweep Newbee and score a tie against Mineski and LGD.

On the other hand, Vici Gaming has been vicious in their own group, scoring a sweep against Vega Squadron, compLexity Gaming and SG e-sports. Like Kinguin, they also employed a heavy push strat lineup, which allowed them to finish games early. They would, however, fall 2-0 against LFY, who were able to counter their push strategy with a clash-heavy lineup.

Eight teams still remain in contention of the 300 Pro Circuit Points and $300,000 (~Php15,000,000) prize pool at stake in the tournament. The lowest performing teams, SG e-sports and LGD, have been dropped from the competition. The rest of the teams will be heading on to the double elimination playoffs, which will start early morning tomorrow.

Just like the Dota Pit Minor before it, Perfect World Masters will be differentiating between the third and fourth placers. The top team in the Minor will be taking 150 points, followed by 90 points for the first runner up. The third and fourth placers will be getting 45 and 15 points, respectively.

Author: Neutral

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