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Esports and Education – Courses to Careers


As the digital world continues to evolve today, the landscape of sports as we know it is also changing. As more and more people venture into esports, so does the educational field start getting into it, too. Here in the Philippines, the University of Visayas New School made headlines for opening up a course dedicated to esports. We’ll see in this article what all the fuss is all about, and how the esports scene is changing the way universities and schools all over the world treat video games.

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Neutral’s Opinion: Storylines to look out for in the Road to TI7 Part 1

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The NBA has its Playoffs. WWE has Wrestlemania. Dota2 has The International. The biggest competitive contest in the world of esports is coming in just a few months. But it’s hard to root for teams now that roster shuffles happen so often and organizations form and disband as quick as a wink. Regardless, there are teams that have compelling narratives that we could look forward to and watch and support. Here are the teams that you should be following today, with their various storylines and motivations on their quest for the TI gold.

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