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OG wins their first LAN event at MDL Macau


TNC Pro Team also wins their first Qualifying Points of the season by finishing second in the tournament.

Just as all stakes go in the “Las Vegas of Asia”, a lot was on the line in MDL Macau last weekend. The first ever Valve-sponsored Dota2 event in the Macau ended with the dominating performance of OG, taking away a good share of the Qualifying Points available in the tournament. OG’s first QP were just enough in getting them into the leaderboards.

The two teams that went on to the finals actually were both fighting for their first qualifying points for the season. Whoever wins the Grand Finals would also garner enough points to get into the Top 8 of the Leaderboards. In the end, OG defeated TNC Pro Team, winning 150 QP and $130,000 (~Php 6,500,000). Despite falling short, TNC still performed well, finishing second place in just their first LAN outing of the season, scoring 90 QP and $65,000 (~Php 3,250,000).

OG were just unstoppable in the tournament, topping the group stages and going on to sweep the playoffs. Their win over TNC also continues their winning streak over the Filipino team, with whom they have a storied history. TNC has not yet replicated their fantastic win over OG back in TI6, where they not only beat them, but did so with a sweep. OG has defeated TNC in all of their matches since then, but the Filipino spirit never falters in giving OG a fair contest. TNC and OG’s rivalry continues on, with this match just further cementing their places in Dota’s hall of fame.

TNC now stands at the tenth place in the leaderboards, just right behind Natus Vincere’s 105 QP. Na `Vi also placed high in this tournament, finishing joint 3rd-4th with for 30 QP and $30,000 (~Php 1,500,000). This goes on top of the two team’s current points: Na `VI now has a total of 105 for each of their players, while VP sits comfortably at top 3 with 787.5 points for each of their players, except Solo. VP played with their coach Artstyle as their replacement for Solo, who has gone on a break for the rest of the year. Because of this, VP only received 75% of the points awarded for them in the tournament.

Meanwhile, the other teams involved in the tournament were EHOME, LGD.Forever Young, Infamous, LGD Gaming and VGJ.Storm. Due to their loss, they weren’t able to claim any points from this tournament, and has thus not changed their position in the leaderboards for the better. However, all of the teams that were eliminated in the group stages and did not reach the finals received $9,000 (~Php 450,000) each for their efforts.

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