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Newbee scores victory in ESL One Genting 2017


Sccc finally gets his revenge over Team Liquid.

Those who remained active weeks after the conclusion of last year’s The International would remember Valve’s post-TI7 True Sight documentary. For its teaser trailer, we see Scc looking over a celebrating Team Liquid, at the center of all the fans’ attention while basking in glory. Team Liquid’s victory in that Grand Finals match was historical, for it was the first time that a team was able to achieve the Aegis with a clean sweep.

This achievement by Team Liquid put forward challenge towards Newbee: can they actually beat Team Liquid? In Genting this past weekend, the Chinese team proved that they could.

Chips in Team Liquid’s armor first surfaced during the two teams’ Group Stage Finals matchup. Newbee would defeat Team Liquid in the first game of their three game series, in just a little more than half an hour. That was Newbee’s first win over the TI7 champions in a LAN event since their loss back in August. However, Team Liquid would go on to defeat Newbee in their next two games, forcing Newbee to the quarterfinals of the Playoffs stage of Genting.

Newbee would persevere still, and they would go on to beat both Vici Gaming and Team Secret, earning them another shot against Team Liquid.

Team Liquid before this was on the top of their form. Save for their loss against Newbee stated earlier, Team Liquid has won all of their games in this tournament. Newbee would then hand Team Liquid their second loss in the tournament, on Game 1 of their Grand Finals series.

Newbee defeated Team Liquid on that game in the same fashion that they beat Liquid previously in the tournament. Newbee focused on playing with steamrolling early game heroes, hoping that they could catch Team Liquid off-guard early enough in the game before Liquid’s farm-reliant drafts could go online. In mere 29 minutes, Newbee forced Team Liquid to tap out in Game 1 of their Bo5 series.

Newbee would stick to this strategy for the rest of the series, picking heroes that wouldn’t need much farm to become effective. This would force Liquid to adapt, making a lot of space for MATUMBAMAN to farm. Newbee would go on to determine the pace of the matches for the rest of the series, and it would depend on Liquid’s ability to go with the tide of battle on who would win the game.

This was the case in Game 2 of the series, where MATUMBAMAN’s Terrorblade managed to farm crazily fast to turn the tides of the game. However, most of the match has been in Newbee’s favor, and Liquid was only able to buy enough time for the Terrorblade to come online to turn the tables.

But Newbee would prove to be pesky, and would stick to their fast-paced style of gameplay strategy. This tactic would prove to be effective, with Newbee winning Game 3. Forced to a corner, Liquid decided that they would have to work in terms of Newbee’s early game capabilities, and started drafting heroes capable of early and mid game teamfights. They would take Game 4 from Newbee by outperforming them in the early game, forcing the series to stretch to a fifth game.

Liquid stuck with their strategy in the fifth game, with an added focus on split pushing. They were also able to set the pace and the tempo of the match, as Newbee played more cautiously in Game 5 than they have in earlier games. But Newbee’s patience allowed them to turn the game around out of one botched clash attempt by Team Liquid in Newbee’s bottom jungle. Newbee didn’t allow this opportunity to slip past them, and buried Team Liquid completely. Sccc’s Outworld Devourer and Moogy’s Ursa proved to be the team’s recipe in handling Team Liquid in their 5 on 5 clashes.

With this win, Newbee has finally defeated Team Liquid in a LAN Event series, the first time they since their loss in the TI7 Grand Finals. A win by Liquid would have potentially closed out their rivalry, but Newbee’s win has elevated their rivalry to a higher level. In some aspects, Newbee winning an additional 200 QP and the $160,000 cash prize from the event was just a footnote.

Win Newbee scoring a victory over Team Liquid, the ball is now in Liquid’s court. Liquid and Newbee continue to stalk Team Secret in the leaderboards. We’re sure to see more matches in this heated rivalry in the foreseeable future. On their next match up together, will Liquid regain their lead over Newbee?

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