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Newbee, Infamous qualifies for DreamLeague Season 8


Two teams have now qualified for the second Major of this Pro Circuit Season.

The Chinese and South American Qualifiers for DreamLeague Season 8 have revealed who will be representing their respective regions for the second Major of this Pro Circuit Season.

For the Chinese Qualifiers, TI7 runner-ups Newbee was invited directly along with LGD and LGD.Forever Young. Coming from the Open Qualifiers was Vici Gaming. Interestingly, it was the team that came from the Open Qualifiers that dented Newbee, as Vici Gaming went down with a 1-2 recorded against Newbee, before going down to the lower bracket. Meanwhile, LGD was defeated by LFY in the first round, sending them to the lower bracket, where VG eliminated them out of the tournament. LFY would then lose to Newbee 0-2 in the upper bracket, but would be able to bounce back up by eliminating VG 2-0 in the lower bracket. In the Grand Finals, Newbee decisively defeated LFY to claim their rightful spot in the Major.

In South America, Infamous faced against all three of its competition before securing the top spot in the Qualifiers. They first went against SG e-Sports, the team that qualified for ESL One Hamburg 2017. Infamous would win 2-1 against the Brazilians. They then faced another Brazilian team, the former Team Taka that was taken up by T-Show. They defeat them also, 2-0. Finally, they defeat Digital Chaos.SA, the representatives of South America for the PGL Open Bucharest, to secure their win in the Qualifiers.

This would mark Infamous’ first tournament grand stage appearance in this season. Nevertheless, SG e-Sports leads the rest of the South American Region with two Minors and a Major Qualifiers in their name. This is followed by DC.SA, who also have a single Minor they are qualified in.

Meanwhile, this will be the first Newbee is qualifying for a tournament this season. They have been directly invited, however, for two Minors and one Major.

The SEA Qualifiers will be held roughly a month from now, with HappyFeet, Mineski, Fnatic and TNC Pro Team dishing it out. The large Europe and CIS region will have a collective qualifier that will field out four teams into the Grand Stage. The eighth team in the Major will be the winner of the North American Qualifier.

Unlike the first Major of the season, DreamLeague Season 8 did not give any Direct Invites into the Grand Stage. Instead, they directly invited teams into their qualifiers and allowed at least one open qualifier in each of the regions.

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