MVP.Phoenix eliminates Fnatic – Is it the time for SEA Dota?


The Shanghai Majors is almost done but not quite the way people expects it to unfold.


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After a 2-0 win of Fnatic against OG last night, Mushi and his team has just been eliminated by MVP.Phoenix from The Shanghai Majors. Despite losing to Team Liquid, MVP.Phoenix showed everyone their composure and bounced back by defeating Fnatic with a score of 2-0.

MVP.Phoenix Vs. Fnatic – Game 1


MVP.Phoenix Vs. Fnatic – Game 2


This tournament is definitely one of the most unpredictable for this year so far. Not a single Chinese team made it to the final 4, upsets such as Complexity against Alliance and Fnatic over OG and this, a SEA team reaches the Top 4 of a Majors tournament. After reaching this far, it’s not impossible for the boys of Korea to be directly invited in the next Majors. For now, MVP will be facing EG in the lower bracket to decide who will play against the loser of Team Liquid and Team Secret.

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