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Mineski Qualifies for StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 3


Mineski earned the right to represent the SEA region for the upcoming tournament of StarLadder i-League Invitational after defeating TNC Pro Team in the Grand Finals of its SEA Qualifiers.

Mineski will be flying to Ukraine next month to represent the SEA region for the third season of StarLadder i-League Invitational. The team won the tournament without even losing a single match, going against Clutch Gamers, Boom ID, Execration, and then finally TNC Pro Team. This will mark Mineski’s third time to win a Qualifier for tournaments in the new season, following World Cyber Arena 2017’s and PGL Open Bucharest’s respective qualifiers.

Interestingly, Mineski also won WCA 2017 (which featured their previous roster) and PGL Open Bucharest’s Qualifiers without dropping a single game in the playoffs. In PGL Open Bucharest, they also didn’t lose a single game in the group stages. Mineski’s recent performance is proving how their new lineup is a force to beckon with. Their full potential should be showcased when they go face-to-face with the best in the world in the tournaments that they have qualified in.

Currently, WCA 2017 only has Mineski and Execration in its roster of competitors, but it will feature one more team each from the North American and South American qualifiers, and two more from the European qualifier. PGL Open Bucharest had directly invited Evil Geniuses and LGD-Gaming, and will also feature VGJ.Thunder and DC.SA, the winners of the Chinese and South American qualifiers, respectively. It will also feature whoever wins the European, North American and South American qualifiers.

As for StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 3, Team Liquid and Newbee will be among Mineski’s competitors, along with 6 other teams that will come into the tournament through their own respective regional qualifiers.

Mineski’s new roster was unveiled just a month ago, and featured the arrival of NaNa, iceiceice and Jabz to the team, joining Mushi and ninjaboogie. So far, the team has shown nothing but excellence in their matches, showing the SEA region that they should be taken seriously.

In a few days, the SEA Qualifiers of the ESL One Hamburg 2017 tournament will start. It will also feature Mineski, TNC Pro Team, Execration, Clutch Gamers, HappyFeet, Fire Dragoon E-Sports, Fnatic, Young Minds, Ten Twenty, WG.Unity and two other teams from the Open Qualifiers. Winning that qualifier would make Mineski the team that would represent the SEA region in the most number of Valve-sponsored events for the rest of this year.

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