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Manila Masters Day 3 Primer – Team NP, Evil Geniuses and Newbee

Day 3

Team NP and Team Faceless both perform spectacularly well beating their opponents in yesterday’s matches, with NP now going against Evil Geniuses, and possibly, Newbee.

Courtesy of Liquipedia
Courtesy of Liquipedia

Summary of matches yesterday

Team NP dominated the lower brackets and beat both Invictus Gaming and Team Faceless, in some of the most electrifying matches thus far. Fans who have missed the Faceless – OG matchup yesterday should watch the replays, because it was the best matchup so far in terms of skill and performance.

Today’s matches

Team NP vs. Evil Geniuses


Loser’s Finals

Team NP is in their best form in the past couple of days and it is only former TI-champions Evil Geniuses standing in their way for the Grand Finals. Meanwhile, Newbee is waiting for the victor of this match in the penultimate matchup of this tournament, which is set to start today at 3:05PM.


Trends of Day 2

Games Played: 8

Shortest Game: 27:50 NP over iG

Longest Game: 54:24 Faceless over OG

Most Banned Hero: Io (7)

Most Picked Hero: Clockwerk (6/8)

Hero with most wins: Bristleback (4/4) and Clockwerk (4/6)


Trends of the Manila Masters

Games Played: 31

Shortest Game: 22:11 EG over iG

Longest Game: 68:25 Team Secret over Team NP

Most Banned Hero: Io (20)

Most Picked Hero: Clockwerk, Dark Seer, Troll Warlord (11)

Hero with most wins: Clockwerk (7/11)

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