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Manila Masters Day 2 Primer – Newbee in Top Form

Manila Masters Day 2 Primer

Clutch Gamers exit, while Newbee dominates the competition so far as the Manila Masters goes on a full swing into Day 2.

Manila Masters Day 2 Bracket

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Summary of matches yesterday

We saw EternalEnvy exact his revenge against Puppey in a sweet victory against them. Meanwhile, Team Faceless continues to be the bane of the Filipino teams by defeating Clutch Gamers flawlessly. Finally, Newbee showed their full potential against Evil Geniuses, sending the boys in blue to the lower bracket.

Today’s matches

iG vs. Team NP


Loser’s Bracket Quarterfinals

A rare matchup, we will see the Team NP try their hand against the squad of BoBoKa and BurNIng on their quest of survival in the lower brackets.

OG vs. Team Faceless


Loser’s Bracket Quarterfinals

OG seem to have a problem going against South East Asian teams, but would Team Faceless be able to match up against the skill of the boys in green?

The winners of the loser’s bracket quarterfinals will be facing each other at 5:40PM today in the lower bracket semifinals. Evil Geniuses and Newbee will have their day off from playing today.

Fan Meet and Greet Schedule

Clutch Gamers: 11:00AM

Evil Geniuses: 3:00PM

SirActionSlacks and Luminous: 5:00PM

Newbee: 7:00PM


Trends of Day 1

Games Played: 7

Shortest Game: 24:56 Newbee over Evil Geniuses

Longest Game: 68:25 Team Secret over Team NP

Most Banned Hero: Nyx Asssassin, Puck and Treant Protector (5)

Most Picked Hero: Io (4)

Hero with most wins: Clockwerk, Juggernaut, Luna, Outworld Destroyer, Sand King, Spirit Breaker (2/2)

Trends of the Manila Masters

Games Played: 23

Shortest Game: 22:11 EG over iG

Longest Game: 68:25 Team Secret over Team NP

Most Banned Hero: Ember Spirit (13)

Most Picked Hero: Dark Seer, Troll Warlord (9)

Hero with most wins: Phoenix (5/6)

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