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Manila Masters Day 1 Primer – No One Left Undefeated

Manila Masters Prelude

We are going into Day 1 of the Manila Masters, with Day 0 resulting to the current bracket, and none of the teams will be having a flawless run to the Grand Finals.

Manila Masters Day 1 Bracket
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Summary of matches yesterday

All of the teams have experienced at least dropping one game in yesterday’s Quarterfinals and Semifinals. In the closed-door matches that occurred, six teams were sent to the loser’s bracket, while Newbee and Evil Geniuses will be having a significantly shorter route to the Grand Finals. Crowd favorite and hometown heroes Clutch Gamers have fallen to Invictus Gaming, and will be facing SEA rivals Team Faceless as a result. Meanwhile, OG experienced an upset by losing to Newbee, making them the next opponent of the victor of the CG versus Faceless matchup.

Today’s matches

Newbee vs. Evil Geniuses


Upper Bracket Finals


Newbee could be one of the strongest teams right now in China, but everybody had OG on their bets in their match prior to this. Would Newbee be able to come up with another upset against EG?


Team NP vs. Team Secret


Lower Bracket Quarterfinals


Former Team Secret member EternalEnvy will be leading his team against Puppey’s squad. Would Envy and former Team Secret coach Aui_2000 help their team read Puppey’s game plan to advance to the next round?


Clutch Gamers vs. Team Faceless


Lower Bracket Quarterfinals


How else should the day end but with a local showdown between two SEA Masters. Will CG keep the Filipino dream alive, or would Faceless add CG to their list of conquered Filipino teams?


Meanwhile, OG and iG will both have the day off today.


Trends for Day 0


Games Played: 16

Shortest Game: 22:11 EG over iG

Longest Game: 67:31 EG over Faceless

Most Banned Hero: Ember Spirit (10)

Most Picked Hero: Dark Seer (7)

Hero With Most Wins: Phoenix (5/6)

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