It’s time for SEA teams to step up – ESL One Manila Open Qualifiers


Southeast Asia’s time has come. The open qualifiers of ESL One Manila for SEA region will happen this weekend!

The registration for the open qualifiers of SEA region have started. This will decide the worthy team to battle the top SEA teams and claim the spot at the ESL One Manila LAN Event happening on April 23-24, 2016 at MOA Arena, Philippines. The SEA open qualifiers is open for any teams with at least 3 members coming from SEA (excluding Philippines).

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It will be a battle of pure will and determination. The open qualifiers will be used a deadly best-of-one single eliminations until the finals which will be a best-of-three. The 4 finalists will join the other seeded teams in the main SEA qualifier to know the 2 teams which will represent SEA region in the LAN finals and get a chunk from the $250,000 prize pool. Source

List of Invited Teams:

  • Ehome (Direct Invite)
  • Liquid (Direct Invite)
  • Secret (Direct Invite)
  • Empire (EU Qualifier)
  • Complexity (American Qualifier)
  • TBA (SEA Qualifier)
  • TBA (SEA Qualifier)
  • TBA (Philippine Qualifier)


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