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Yesterday TNC Pro Team competed for a spot in the Boston Majors but was eliminated in the group stage.

Mixed reactions were heard from all our fans and from the PH Dota Community about their recent lost. Some positive and of course some negative. As you all know the team changed its roster recently, they’re still working on their chemistry, strategy, communication and how they work as a team. The same with all teams that have recently gone under a roster change, we’re still in the process of discovering the team as a whole. It’s not a usual thing that you develop a winning team overnight. It takes hard work and dedication to get what we want to achieve. This goes to all of the teams as well.

To the PH Dota 2 Community, we ask you to be more supportive of the Filipino teams. It has become a trend where in a team will do well and suddenly we’re proud, but when they’re at their lowest we suddenly step on them. You may not be aware, but it hurts the players personally it affects their confidence and self-esteem. We’re all fighting for one cause and that’s for our Pinoy Pride. When one Filipino team lose don’t bash or humiliate them, be supportive and uplift their spirits instead. Let’s stop the crab mentality once and for all. For the better of the Philippine eSports community. Remember change starts with you, not with others. With that being said let’s continue to support Mineski and Execration as they fight for our Pinoy Pride in this upcoming Boston Fall Majors.

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    Oct 29, 2016 9:24 pm

    ako sumusuporta sa ph team kahit pa noon..pero it will not let me stop talking what i have seen. yung tao pag wla ka pinuna ganon parin mangyayari. dahil hindi nila malalaman kung saan sila nag ka mali..if this tnc players are professional they should not affected with comments.instead they use it as a wake up call. like what i have notice with bimbo. i always bash him for being mayabang pero makikita mo nag improve.ewan ko lng kung meron nag bulong sa kanya pero it is what it is. dont blame us tnc. blame urself because of those mis plays and outdraft.

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