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G2 Esports are the DreamHack Masters Malmö Champions


The new CS:GO season starts with the French super-team taking the first premier title

G2’s road to the grand-final was hard-fought, first by overcoming the Brazilian powerhouse of SK Gaming in a close best-of-three that went all the way (11:16 on Cobblestone, 19:17 on Inferno, 16:11 on Mirage), and then through a 2:0 over Ninjas in Pyjamas (16:9 on Inferno, 19:17 on Cache).

Meanwhile North came in from the other side of the bracket, with a 2:0 over Immortals (16:7 on Inferno, 19:17 on Mirage) and an impressive 2:0 over Gambit Esports (19:15 on Train, 16:6 on Cobblestone), who took out Astralis.

This set up the Grand Final: French super-team G2 versus the all-Danish roster of North.

The map veto went on with G2 banning out Train, North banning out Cache, followed by G2’s pick of Inferno and North’s pick of Cobblestone. G2 then removed Mirage, North removed Overpass, and Nuke was left as the deciding map.

In the first map of Inferno, G2 came out guns a ’blazing, securing a 7-1 lead on their terrorist side, with Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke keeping North in the game with a quad-kill. After switching over to the CT-side, G2 continued to extend their lead by winning the opening pistol round. After winning a force-buy and forcing the French side into an eco, North started racking up rounds of their own, up until Kenny “kennyS” Schrub managed a triple-kill on the 26th round and put G2 on match point, ultimately allowing them to take Game 1 in the next round, ending the game 16:12.

On the second map of Cobblestone, North gained the early advantage with a win on the first pistol round and securing the following 2 rounds after. The following three gun rounds went the way of the French squad however, and soon brought the score to a tie. The rounds kept trading back-and-forth between the two teams, ending at 7-8 in favor of North. G2’s strong start on the CT side, winning the pistol and anti-ecos however allowed them to bring it to a 10-8 lead. The French side kept tight on the defense and lost only one more round before taking the title with a score of 16:9.

kennyS was awarded MVP of the tournament, and boasted a 1.22 rating the entire tournament, with an impressive 1.45 in the finals – this also marked his 5th MVP title.

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