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Four teams remain in King’s Cup: America



The Dire, Digital Chaos, compLexity Gaming and Infamous will battle it out in the next few days to determine who will be invited to the DOTA Summit 8.

Abed and the rest of Digital Chaos have shown a dominant performance in the group stages and finished among the top teams in King’s Cup: America. This brings them one step closer to qualifying for the DOTA Summit 8, BeyondTheSummit’s first Minor Tournament of the season. Finishing on shared first place with compLexity Gaming and The Dire, DC will then face coL next in the single-elimination playoffs starting later today.


The Dire had swept both coL and DC in the tiebreakers of the tournament, in determining who will be facing the sole team from South America to reach the  playoffs, Infamous. This was done through two decisive games, one apiece delivered on both coL and DC, in a swift and commanding manner that will help The Dire to maintain momentum going into the playoffs.


Before the last day of the tournament, however, it was coL that was dominating the group stages, not losing a single game, until they lost both their series 0-2 against both DC and The Dire on the same day. Meanwhile, DC and The Dire took a game each from each other on their head-to-head matchup, while both DC and The Dire also lost 0-2 against Infamous.


Infamous, on the other hand, lost its matchup 0-2 against coL, and also lost one game against Iceberg esports before the latter pulled out from the tournament due scheduling conflicts.


There isn’t a clear victor yet as it looks, as all four teams are going into the playoffs with almost the same footing. It would even be unwise to discount Infamous, who have been performing really well recently and have  been showing that the South Americans have a place in the competitive scene as well.


Who do you think will win the tournament and earn the right to represent the Americas region for the DOTA Summit 8?

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