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Fnatic secures slot for DreamLeague Season 9


A fantastic performance by EternalEnvy and Abed in all of their series allows Fnatic to cruise through this qualifiers for a slot in DreamLeague Season 9. Meanwhile, UNiVeRsE seems to fit right in Fnatic’s lineup really well.

Fnatic was clearly the favorite to win in the DreamLeague Season 9 SEA Qualifiers, given that they, along with Mineski, continue to dominate the region. However, the momentum that the team has accumulated on their way to the Finals of this qualifiers was so much that it made it look effortless to win. They completely annihilated Execration in the Grand Finals, with Abed and EternalEnvy leading the charge. Their first battle shut off the opponents’ cores, allowing the two to completely take control of the game. Execration wasn’t even able to scratch the armor of both Abed and Envy, who managed to win the first game of the series without a single death. The second match was unsurprisingly one-sided, that although Execration was able to manage to take some clashes away from Fnatic, it was almost undoubtedly the latter’s game all along.

Their strong performance may have been enabled partly by their earlier wins in the tournament. They were able to sweep Geek Fam on the first round, with almost similar results as their win over Execration in the Finals. Their two games against Geek Fam, although longer, were just as spectacular. Being able to overcome a huge lead by Geek Fam in the late game of their second match must have significantly increased the morale of Fnatic. Slowly but surely, Fnatic took over the matchup and defeated Geek Fam, allowing them to move on to the next matchup without a loss.

The only team to hand Fnatic a loss in this tournament was TNC Pro Team, but even the Phoenix fell against them. An overwhelming victory by TNC has been witnessed in their first game, with an unstoppable force in the form of Armel’s Shadow Fiend doing wonders in teamfights and pickoffs. However, Fnatic was quick to learn from their mistakes, and although TNC stuck to their tried and tested strategy to let Armel’s SF loose, Fnatic managed to control the Nevermore to slowly take back control of the game. Fnatic would win the Bo3 series versus TNC, sending them to the lower bracket finals, where they would be defeated by Execration.

Their entry to DreamLeague Season 9 would mark Fnatic’s fifth tournament in this season. Although their rank in the leaderboards still stand too low for a direct invite to The International, winning DreamLeague Season 9 would easily place them among the top 8.

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