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Faceless, Geek Fam, lead Manila Masters SEA Qualifiers


Team Faceless and Geek Fam are both on a winning spree against their opponents in the SEA Qualifiers of the Manila Masters.

Geek Fam, in which former TnC Pro Team member Teehee is part of, is currently undefeated in the Manila Masters SEA Qualifiers, defeating the new Fnatic lineup on their bout 2-0 yesterday. Fnatic’s new lineup includes Fnatic veteran Ohaiyo, Filipino star Dj, Former MVP.Phoenix teammates QO and Febby, and Singaporean player and former Mineski member Meracle. Fnatic’s new lineup has been regarded as a great team on paper, being put into the test for the first time in this qualifiers. Geek Fam’s win over this superstar lineup could either mean Geek Fam’s starting to show their shine, or that Fnatic still needs more time to find their team rhythm.

Meanwhile, as usual, Team Faceless continues to play really well in this online competition, winning 2-0 against Rex Regum. Rex Regum’s lineup currently has former Mineski player Bok as a temporary stand-in while the team’s position 5 Eden is not participating in the tournament.

EVOS Sports and WarriorsGaming.Youth also advanced in the winner’s bracket after EVOS beat WarriorsGaming.Unity and and WG.Youth beat Mineski, respectively. Both matchups ended with a 2-1 score between the two matchups.

Now in the lower bracket with Rex Regum, WG.Unity, Mineski and Fnatic are teams 458 Productions, Team Maven, Hawk Gaming and Intelligence Quotient. Would they still be able to make a comeback? Would we be seeing the same faces again for this tournament, or will one of these new names be able to break it through?

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