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Expanding horizons, TNC acquires League of Legends team.

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After a year without a League of Legends team, we are more than happy to introduce our new LoL team.

This past year we focused more on our Dota 2 team which gave us promising results in the most recent “The International Dota 2 Championships“. This year we scouted for promising amateur teams that possesses great potential and the will to win. After a number of tryouts we finally made the decision to acquire Big4Global as our official League of Legends team. With a dynamic composition of players comprised of new bloods and experienced players TNC Pro Team pulled through Garena’s Piltover Finest series tournaments and then eventually earning their spot in Garena’s Pro Gaming Series.









Leading the charge is Jhaymar ‘Burst‘ Garay a fresh face in the scene. Accompanied by Beaver-Ed ‘Orthros‘ Villanueva, Rolando ‘Lando‘ Garcia III, Gerald ‘Gerald‘ Bermundo, Evan Paul ‘Burning‘ Ramos, Aaron Christian ‘R4ze‘ Que and Aldrin ‘Match‘ Gregorio these young men set out to be one of the finest in the PH LoL scene. The team will make their debut in Garena’s Pro Gaming Series this January 20 2017 against Emperor Esports.

TNC Pro Team LoL starting line up :
1.Aaron Christian ‘R4ze‘ Que (ADC)
2.Aldrin ‘Match‘ Gregorio (AP Mid)
3.Rolando ‘Lando‘ Garcia III (Top)
4.Jhaymar ‘Burst‘ Garay  (Jungle)
5.Beaver-Ed ‘Orthros‘ Villanueva (Support)

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  • Reply
    Adrian Santos
    Mar 31, 2017 12:57 am

    If TNC is looking for a substitute player .. Im In . Do u have any try outs?
    IGN : Zet_01
    Role : Support
    Div : Currently Master
    Age : 16yrs old
    Plss let me know . .
    FB acc :

  • Reply
    Jan 12, 2017 10:37 pm

    Hey! Is TNC looking to hire a coach for their League team? Thanks :)

  • Reply
    Jan 12, 2017 10:34 pm


    I was wondering if TNC is looking to hire a coach for their League team? Thanks!

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