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Execration, Mineski and TnC Pro Team to compete for the DAC 2017 SEA Qualifiers


The teams that will be fighting for the last four spots of the Dota 2 Asian Championships 2017 have been revealed.


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From February 3-13, a total of 32 teams will be fighting for the last four spots in the Dota 2 Asian Championships 2017. One team from each regional qualifier will be joining Evil Geniuses, Wings Gaming, Newbee and OG, who have received direct invites. The Chinese Qualifiers had just recently ended, which saw Invictus Gaming, Team VG.J, LGD.Forever Young and iG Vitality emerge victorious above their peers.

For the regional qualifiers, each team will be randomly divided into two equal groups. Each group will then undergo a BO3 Single Elimination Bracket, with the top two teams advancing to the next round. The top two teams advancing from the previous round will then face each other in a BO3 Double Elimination Bracket, with the emerging victor earning their place in the Main Event.

The organizing body of DAC2017 have already revealed the teams that were invited to compete for the regional qualifiers. With its tremendous growth and competitive environment in recent months, the CIS region have earned their own qualifier separate from the European one. The teams that will be competing are:


Digital Chaos, Team NP, Complexity Gaming, WanteD, OnyX, Team Freedom, Infamous, SG e-Sports


Ad Finem, Team Liquid, Team Secret, Alliance, Natus Vincere, Cloud 9, Escape Gaming, B)ears

South East Asia

Warriors Gaming.Unity, Team Faceless, Fnatic, TnC Pro Team, Execration, Signature Gaming.Trust, Mineski, RRQ


Virtus.Pro, Vega Squadron, Team Spirit, Team Empire, FRIENDS, Rebels, Comanche, LQ

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