Execration fields new team


Kim0 remains as the team’s captain.

The big news in the Philippines two weeks ago, right before Galaxy Battles, was the return of DeMoN to Southeast Asia, forming Team Admiral with Gabbi, Armel, RR and Boombacs. While Armel joined Team Admiral coming from Clutch Gamers and Boombacs was a free agent, playing as a stand-in for HappyFeet on their tour in WESG 2017. Gabbi and RR, however, were still playing for Execration when they jumped ship to join DeMoN’s 23rd team.

After the roster shakeup, only Bimbo and Kim0 remained in the roster. However, in their attempt to revitalize the organization, Execration decided to release Bimbo, and to build a new team around Kim0’s captaincy.

In this newest version of Execration, Goodboy-Santino Karl Jayme officially moves from stand-in to become the team’s official midlaner. We also see the return of Nando back into the carry role. yAj, after a three year absence, returns to Execration as well as the team’s offlaner. Grimzx has also been officially added to the team’s roster as Kim0’s co-support. BYB remains as the team’s coach.

Execration’s latest foray was in GESC: Indonesia SEA Qualifiers, where they lost against Fnatic in the semi-finals. Their new lineup except for Grimzx already played together in this qualifier, which could have served as their roster try-out.

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