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Execration and Mineski to compete in the ROG Masters Grand Finals.


All of South-East Asia will set their eyes in Malaysia as the Grand Finals of the ROG Masters will kick of this November 12-13.

12 teams from all over the globe will battle it out for the crown and prestige of becoming the ROG Masters Champion. Two direct invites and 10 teams from the regional qualifiers. Most notable teams that will be participating are Fnatic and Team Secret, lets not forget the PH Teams Execration and Mineski.

Execration and Mineski went through the online qualifiers which consisted of more than a hundred teams, while Execration filled Next Gen’s slot for the tournament as Next Gen will be competing in the WESG APAC Qualifiers which will be held in South Korea. Mineski is looking strong after their run at the Boston Major SEA Qualifiers group stage, but unfortunately did not carry on in the playoffs. While fellow countrymen Execration is sitting pretty atop the Direct Invites of the Boston Major. Overall, the Filipino teams seem to be doing fine in terms of their nerves as the ROG Masters Grand Finals comes near.

The tournament will begin with the traditional round robins in groups of 3s top two of the groups will then proceed to the Single Elimination Playoffs. Execration will be grouped with Australian team Natural 9 and Mongolian team MOL, at last we’ll see how they’ve been preparing for the upcoming majors. On the other hand, we have Mineski grouped with Ehome’s sister team Ehome.X and Indian Team Aggressive 5, both teams looking strong in their groups as the two invited teams Fnatic and Secret are distributed in the other groups.




Let’s all wish Execration and Mineski good luck as they again represent our country in the international stage. The Philippine eSports community is slowly and surely getting known in the international scene, with that being said there might be a slight chance that a Major event is just around the corner.

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