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Entrepreneur finds success in computer shop business


Invest in a worthy venture and you will reap the sweet rewards.

The first step in creating a successful business is always investing your hard-earned savings into a business model that you truly believe in. Of course, letting go of your life savings to start a business could be scary. The uncertainty of succeeding in the business landscape discourages many to invest their savings, choosing instead to keep their money in the bank.

But as the saying goes, when it rains, it pours.

Take for example the 26-year old entrepreneur Keith Varias, Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards’ Youth Microentrepreneur of the year. He worked for years as a service crew member at a leading fastfood chain while pursuing a 2-year IT course. With his certificate, he then worked as a data encoder. Unhappy with his job, Varias invested his life savings of Php17,000 (~$340), along with a loan from his mother of Php20,000 (~$500) and a business loan of Php50,000 (~$1,250) into an internet cafe business, using old furniture and laptop for his initial set-up.

Eventually, his small investment has helped him send two of his siblings to college and buy a new car. Continuously reinvesting into his business, buying newer and better hardware allowed Varias to further increase his earnings. From just Php2 per day, his earnings now, according to him, goes as much as Php5,000 a day. According to Varias, he gives Php20,000 of his monthly earnings to his parents, Php1,000 he keeps as savings, and the rest he reinvests back into the business.

All of this with only a 2-year IT certificate and absolutely no experience or background in accounting, human resource management and inventory tracking. It goes to show that anyone with grit and the courage to risk for rewards could get you far. Which means anyone who dreams of owning their own computer shop could do so, with the right mindset in place.

TNC Cyber Cafe helps franchisees establish their dream computer shops from the conceptualization up to the soft opening, even helping out the franchisee to set-up their opening tournament as part of their package for opening their own branch of TNC. TNC will help out eligible franchisees even with the purchasing of high quality computer units, acquisition and installation of servers, and staff training. The company could help franchisees establish their own TNC branch the way that all TNC Cyber Cafes are set up, to ensure a great and reliable service that will surely make customers satisfied with their experience.

Interested entrepreneurs who would like to follow the footsteps of Varias may inquire about how to start their own TNC Cyber Cafe branch by calling 354-9451 and looking for the franchising officer, Gene Valentin.


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