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Eight Teams remain to play in the DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017 Playoffs


The beginning of the new season is off to a good start.

The high-stakes group stage is finally over, eliminating the bottom 2 teams of each 4-team group, setting up the playoffs which will begin tonight.


Group A:

Over in group A, the Danish roster of North reigned supreme, taking no series losses and even taking their best-of-three over the Brazilian powerhouse of SK Gaming 2:1 (5:16 on Cobblestone, 16:8 on Train, and 16:11 on Inferno), newcomer Valdemar “valde” Bjørn is looking at home in his new team, and they will be facing PGL Major runners-up, Immortals, in the first round of playoffs.

SK Gaming took the second seed and secured their spot in the playoffs with impressive wins over B.O.O.T-dreamScape and a convincing 2:0 over Cloud9 (16:13 on Train, 16:9 on Cobblestone) – they will be facing G2 Esports in the first round of playoffs.


Group B:

As expected, the Danish powerhouse of Astralis dominated their group, taking down both Renegades (16:3 on Train) and Natus Vincere (16:6 on Overpass, 16:10 on Mirage) convincingly. They look to be continuing their previous good form and will be facing PGL Major winners, Gambit, in the first round of playoffs.

Meanwhile Natus Vincere took the second seed by defeating the Polish roster of Virtus.Pro (16:4 on Inferno) and defeating Renegades in a clean 2:0 (16:11 on Cobblestone, 16:11 on Train). They will be facing the Swedes of NiP in the quarterfinals of the playoffs.

Virtus.Pro’s woes continue as they fail to even reach double digits in their round scores here at Malmö.


Group C:

Ninjas in Pyjamas seem to be finally getting out of their long slump since they brought on Fredrik “REZ” Sterner to their line-up, and here they take the top seed thanks to a convincing 16:8 victory over FaZe Clan on Nuke, and a 2:1 series victory over Gambit (19:16 on Cache, 17:19 on Overpass, 16:7 on Train).

Gambit Esports look to be continuing their good form after winning the PGL Major despite the loss of their past captain, and take Group C’s second seed by eliminating FaZe Clan in a 2:1 series (11:16 on Mirage, 16:8 on Train, 16:13 on Nuke).


Group D:

The French superteam of G2 Esports  finishes the group stage sitting at the top of the table in Group D, first winning their best-of-one against fellow French team EnVyUs (16:13 on Inferno) and then taking down Immortals 2:1 (16:12 on Mirage, 13:16 on Inferno, 16:10 on Overpass).

The PGL Major runners-up, Immortals, takes the second seed by eliminating Fnatic in a 2:0 sweep (16:10 on Cache, 16:8 on Cobblestone.


Playoffs Bracket:

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