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Dota prodigy joins TNC Pro Team

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Armel joins the Team of the Phoenix as its newest midlaner, as Kuku shifts to the support role.

Initially rumored to join DeMoN‘s Team Admiral, Filipino youngblood midlaner Armel Paul “Armel” Tabios has finally been revealed to be TNC Pro Team‘s newest midlaner.

Formerly part of Clutch Gamers, Armel has shown the raw talent that allowed himself to hone the skills that made him a standout midlaner. A testament to his abilities, Kuku returned to his original position 5 role from years ago, giving the position role solely to Armel.

TNC first gave a run for Armel during the WESG 2017 APAC Qualifiers. They were able to qualify for the Main Stage of the APAC Qualifiers, but TNC pulled out to make way for their participation in Galaxy Battles II.

The roster felt comfortable with their wins from WESG, which is the likely reason for the roster change. As communication is key in a team based sport like Dota, TNC will likely experience an improvement in their communication now with an all-Filipino lineup.

If their performance in WESG would be any indication, TNC would be able to play well with their new lineup. It might take some time to take away the rust from Kuku’s supporting, but Kuku’s skills would eventually resurface as he plays more games in position 5.

TNC Pro Team

1. Ph Marc Polo Luis “Raven” Fausto

2. Ph Armel Paul “Armel” Tabios

3. Ph Samson “SamH” Hidalgo

4. Ph Timothy “Tims” Randrup

5. Ph Carlos “Kuku” Palad

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