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Former Alliance Members form new team; DeMoN returns to DC


Some final touches were made to teams right before rosters locked in for the second phase of the Pro Circuit season.

Just hours before the teams for the upcoming Pro Circuit season’s second phase locked in, team Digital Chaos decided to welcome DeMoN back to their ranks, replacing MoonMeander as the team’s position 5 support and captain. DeMoN briefly played with DC before moving on to compLexity Gaming back in April. During his tenure, he was co-supports with DuBu, with the two players switching between position 4 and 5 depending on the situation. BuLba would take DeMoN’s place in position 4 when he left, with the team acquiring DuBu’s longtime friend and teammate Forev as the team’s new offlaner.

A little less than a month ago, however, Forev and DuBu would part ways with DC to reform their old MVP.Phoenix team with QO, Febby and MP. The team would later on be picked up by Esports organization Immortals to be their first ever Dota2 team. With DuBu and Forev leaving, DC became wanting on a new offlaner and hard support. They came in the form of MSS and MoonMeander, the latter of the two would then become the team’s captain. Less than a month later, MoonMeander left the team. This gave DeMoN, whose team Tuho had just recently disbanded, a chance to rejoin his former squad.

Meanwhile, the team No Diggity would fall apart quickly without even competing in a single professional match, after they failed to show up in the Dota 2 Champions League last month. Three of their members, who were also former teammates in the last incarnation of [A]lliance before its most recent rebuilding, left and decided to form their own team. Thus, Era, Jonassomfan and Handsken registered Team The Final Tribe, bringing in two new faces from Denmark called Haxxeren and LezzQQ. The three [A] alumni will be re-enacting their usual roles in the team, while Haxxeren will play mid and LezzQQ as support.

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