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1437 and SVG kicked out of Team NP


After their abysmal performance in the Dota2 Asia Championship 2017, team captain and owner EternaLEnvy kicks out 1437 and SVG from Team NP.

Team NP fought their way into qualification by winning the America Qualifiers of the DAC2017, eliminating Digital Chaos in the finals. But despite this great showing in a regional qualifier, Team NP fell short in the main event. Team NP ended up in the lower half of their group during the round robins, losing against Team Liquid in their tiebreaker for the third place. They then lost on the first round of the playoffs in their Best-of-1 series against Team VG.J.

With their performance, Team NP won only $9,179 out of the $611,997 (Php458,950 / Php30,599,850) prize pool.

Days after the conclusion of the tournament, 1437 released a video on his vlog revealing that he and SVG had been kicked out of the team. 1437 did not give much details, but he said that the decision was made by EternaLEnvy himself. 1437 laments that he has a strong drive to continue playing, but does not know yet how to proceed from this situation. He hinted at the possibility of reviewing and offering critiques of match replays while he remains teamless.

Team NP was formed September last year by former Team Secret players EternaLEnvy, Aui_2000 and 1437. All five founding members of the team had stayed together until now, with only EternaLEnvy, Aui_2000 and MSS remaining. It is not clear yet who would be replacing the departing members of the team.

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